Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Back from Toby, and oh it was good!

Well, we're back from Tobermory.
It was WONDERFUL! The diving was great...(meaning that I finally got my gear stuff figured out more than that we saw cool stuff...which we did...but it wasn't anything new...the wonderful part was definitely the gear!) Have I mentioned that I love my new tanks! I really should have taken a picture of them...they really are very pretty...and just wonderful in the water...and without that pesky wedge weight they are so much lighter....almost like a feather I dare say!

Anyways, I did take some knitting to do in the truck...I made two dishcloths...I know...boring...but...don't mock...knit dishcloths rock.

Here's a lovely pick of the above mentioned dishcloths

While on this lovely and relaxing trip, I was thinking (not too hard...just enough to maintain life really), and I thought that it would be really funny for me to knit Joel socks for a wedding present...since he used to always ask for them, and I did start a pair a few times, but never finished any....poor Joel...all that time in Saskatoon and no warm socks....and now..that he's back in Windsor...he probably doesn't even want them...too bad...getting them anyways! That is if I finish them on time...

So, I really wanted to make some socks from the toe up...because I've never done that...and the one pair of socks that I did complete (too small for Joel, oops) were from the cuff down...and the grafting at the end was most traumatizing! I went online and found this sock tutorial, called Cybersock (you can google it..it's wonderful) and they have instructions for all these different types of socks...and they have the toe up kind! It's not a pattern though...she shows you how to figure it out as you go...without a pattern...how cool is that...I've always wanted to be able to knit without a pattern...but...I just can't do it....So...I took the leap with the sock!

Here's the beginning of my sock..being knit from the toe up..with no pesky seem at your toes

And now ...a little futher on...still looking good

And so I was kindof unsure of where to start the increases for the ankle, this picture (below) has a few rows of the increases done

Now that's done, time to work on the heel

Now...the heel, ack! What a pain! I tried the square version, perhaps it's beyond me, I don't know...it is working out finally, but now, methinks the sock is far too big. The picture below with me twisting the toe shows how much extra room there is. Joel's feet are bigger than mine (he IS a boy) but I don't think they're THAT much bigger!

I don't know...I'm going to keep doing the heel as is...pretty much just to see how it works out, but I'm almost positive that I'll have to rip it out, and make the body of the sock at least an inch shorter....DOH! everything was going so well!
What can you do....only question is...should I just go ahead and rip away...or wait till I can try the sock on Harold my man sock model before I frog away all that knitting....and this is my dilemma.

Oh ya, and since the wedding is soon soon soon (August 5th), all other knitting projects have been put on hold until further notice...I also want to make the Sophie bag (Julie Anderson on Magknits website) for Audrey...I hope I have time...I've never done anything like that before...so I hope it works out too! (better than the socks so far I mean) :-D

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