Thursday, July 13, 2006

Booooooo Guelph!

Yeppers....I'm in Guelph again....oh how I love working from home in London, but...lab work can not be done in ones living room unfortunately, is much like cooking...perhaps I'll try the kitchen!

I keep wavering back and forth between trying to learn the immunology, trying to write the literature review (already knowing the immunology would make this much easier..*sigh*), and just plugging away at the lab work. I keep pulling myself in all the different directions...and I really need to just focus on one thing. Apparently focus is not one of my strong points.

So, I gave Harold's mom my deep red cable sweater that I finally finished. When I pulled it out to start working on it again I was planning on giving it to her for Christmas...yes...I's July...have I mentioned that I lack focus (I knit sloooowwwww too!) I think it fits her perfectly, and she looks really good it reds, so, I hope she likes it. I absolutely love the one that she knit and gave to me, in the winter I think I would wear it everyday if people wouldn't stare...and there is that pesky problem of the perfume one would acquire by wearing the same sweater for 110 days.

Sooooo, this weekend it's off to Tobermory for some diving! Don't we look cute in our matching drysuits....and look at those 95's ohhhh sooooo nice to dive, but alas, they are back at home with their rightful owner.

I do have my very own shiny new 95's all nice and galvanized...sooo pretty. On paper they have the exact same bouyancy characteristics as the scubapros, but I tell ya...they just don't feel the same! I know, I just have to get used to them, and hopefully this weekend will help me to do just that. Must fix gear issues...must not suck with the diving!

These are all pictures that Lee took when we went to Toby last year...mmm crayfish are yummy, always good for an underwater snack.

On another good note - I hope - I think I might finally be able to really change my last name to Robson soon. Imagine that, actually having your real married name on some of your identification...what a novel concept! Hopefully this marriage certificate translation thing will work out, and hopefully that will be what the "official" people need in order to change my name eg. drivers license, health card (although I'm peeved that I have to give up my old red and white no-picture card), and maybe I can even get my degree to have my new name on it when I graduate....I have at least a year before that will happen...but...I just keep telling myself that it will go fast.

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