Monday, July 24, 2006

Bag done too!

I can't believe I knit the whole thing on the weekend...I'm soooo happy!
I think it turned out pretty nice....I think I'll throw it in the wash to felt this Wed. when I'm back in London (with the washing machine).

I can't really decide which fabric to use for the liner...the blue and green are a little closer in colour...but I'm afaid it might make the bag look too summer only....the beige and blue is a little more muted...but I'm not sure...I'm so torn...what will I do?!!?
Yep...I'm crazy...oh well


Anonymous said...

I vote for the Blue and Green!!!
It is Funky!

Anonymous said...

I need a good baby pattern for a new born. I am looking to maybe make baby bunting???? you know what i am talking about? Any ideas?

Debbie said...

I actually wrote everything below, and then found the lion brand site again and thought you should check that out first:
you have to register in order to get their free patterns, but registrations is free, you just have to give an email address and make a password. Once you've done that, search for "baby bunting" and there are a bunch of patterns, there is one that looks like an ear of corn, but my fav is one called dancing star, there are also more plain looking ones that you could personalize...I think this site is your best bet for a pattern. Now I want to make one. On this site, some of the patterns are free, but others you must pay for, the "dancing star" pattern is one you have to pay for...but it's only $2.50, so not too bad.
Good luck...hope that helps a little...let me know how things turn out!

PDF pattern for a beautiful baby bunting bag, it's sewn from wool fabric, but you could totally knit it large (if you're comfortable with shape-as-you-go knitting) and felt it.

Here is another link to a knit baby bunting bag, the picture is small, but it looks like it would turn out to be pretty cute:

I also found lots of crochet patterns, but, I still think that the first link it by far the nicest one, but it's just a pattern for sewing. Even so, you could cut out the pattern in paper, and then knit as you go, making increases and decreases to shape your knit piece to the pattern size. If you want to felt, make sure that you make your knit pieces HUGE, so that they shrink down to the size you want. If not using wool, but cotton or something instead, then just knit to fit.
I might be against the whole, knitting with wool and felting thing...just because if you do that...and then baby pukes on will poor mom wash the bunting bag without ruining it or shrinking it further, a cotton blend, or a superwash wool would probably be best...or...take up sewing...ha!

another knit pattern

another sewn pattern...but a good one I think...I would like to make this a knit as well

and these are knit guidlines, pretty much make the same thing as the sewn pattern above, no pictures, but there is a drawing.

Anonymous said...

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