Tuesday, July 03, 2007

My knitting progress

Well, I started this sock for my sweetums. I actually started it almost exactly a month ago. I casted on in the van on the way up to MBC for the retreat weekend with the ladies.....I knit in the car on the way up and back (between drifting naps of course)I got right up to the heel, and that's where it ended....they've been patiently sitting in a ziploc bag next to the other pair of socks that I'm not finishing.....on top of my sewing machine that is also not being used.
I have made a little more progress on my sweater....ha! maybe it will be done for Christmas! hehehe.....then I can start the tank top :-P It's not actually as small as it looks....but I was trying not to drop any stiches off my circular.....and...there's a nice little look at my new scrapbook station (and pile things up desk). I've been a little stuck with the scrapbooking lately too....I'm never going to have a wedding album...oh..well....I've got like 3 pages now! Not exactly efficient....so if I really want to see wedding stuff...I visit my Mom-in-law's album.
Oh sweet sweater...only 3 more inches to go, and then I start the bottom hem....I'm hoping my really elasticy tight but stretchy border stretches and flattens with blocking so that it stops being all puckery.....hmmm I'm telling myself that it will be just fine...
I still haven't found the needles that I need to do the sleeves....it seemed like sleeves were so far away...I would just get the body started and worry about finding that other needle later...but....now....it's very much later....and I still haven't even ventured out on an honest mission to find that needle!

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Wool Winder said...

Socks and sweater look great. Sometimes it hard to get motivated to knit when summer is calling us to be outdoors.