Saturday, September 15, 2007

Knitting bug

I officially have the knitting bug. I'm looking around at all other crafty things with uninterested and uncaring eyes. The knitting however is all I can think about!

I pulled out the lacy little tank this was over in the corner underneath and crocheted blanket that only needs to be pieced together. I've been thinking about it a lot this summer, and I had decided to rip out what I had done and start fresh. Not a big deal because I'd only knit about 2 inches. Then when I looked at it, just looked so pretty so I knit two rows of it...and then decided that it would be a good idea if I knew what size I had started on LOL. After digging through the paperwork I noticed that the date on my invoice is november 2005!
While trying to figure out if I actually had started on the medium size or not (I could have just counted the stitches...but...that just sounded too painful this morning) I looked up the pattern online, and saw that the sizing had changed...and so had the way they wrote the needle size. I checked on my pattern and it said US3 needle (I guess I hadn't really bothered to check further than that, I was using US3, but online I noticed that it said US2.5, 3.0mm. Hmmm, my pattern said US3, 3.0mm. Gauge was listed as the same....of course I hadn't checked the gauge before...I never used to bother with that...after all...I never finished anything anyways! So, there we go again with my needle size issue lately...go figure...did I just never notice the difference before? Anyways, my US3 that I was using is a 3.25mm. So I went online and bought a new circular, and set of dpn's in US2 3.0mm.....and the site I bought them on said you could get US2 in 2.75mm OR 3.0mm.....I'll never deviate from metric again...I've learned my lesson...I can't wait to get my new needles! I'm ripping this out and starting completely fresh...and I'm even knitting a gauge swatch this time! Ha! Watch it turn out that the new needles will cause my knitting to be too tight hehehe...
So, while I was digging out the lacy little tank, I found in that knitting basket the needles that I need to start the hooded cabled cardigan for niece. They were right there all along...I've been wanting to start it for a few weeks, but thought I had to go needle shopping first...Perhaps I should go through ALL of my needles and such, and write down what I have, maybe even store everything together in one spot...gasp...imagine the organization....I really really really can't wait for my invite to Ravelry to come!

Here's what they tell me:
  • You are #29962 on the list.
  • 16596 people are ahead of you in line.
  • 3114 people are behind you in line.
I was busy this morning! I was really on a mission to find the needle I needed (heheehe) to finish my grey cardigan! While digging around in everything else I found the two sets of double points that it says I will need for finishing the set of them is still attached to H's guess that means I'm gonna hafta finish that sock in order to finish my sweater. Then I walked down to the extremely small and snooty yarn shop which is really only about 3 blocks from my house, but really so small that if you pick up entire pile of things topple to the floor, things are all just piled up, it's really annoying I'm afraid to touch anything...I'm like Mr.Bean in the yarn shop. I can afford nothing there without missing a car payment...except the needles...which they ACTUALLY had in YEAH! I can finish the sleeves on my sweater!

This is a picture of where my short row sock lies....just sitting there.....I will probably rip it out and start a different pattern...but I'm not sure what...I really like toe-up, and I like the idea of short row toes and heels, but this method I'm just not's the wrap method, and I'm just not getting the proper way to pick up the wraps without leaving holes. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I 've read that there is another method PG-R's but I don't know anything about that...perhaps I'll try to find a pattern and give it a try...can I do that method while working from the toe up?Soooo, I casted on the baby sweater. There is a lot of cabling in it, which I've not done very much of, so I thought this could be my more challenging and interesting knitting project and my gray sweater can be my more relaxed one...that is until the needles arrive for my lacy little tank..hehhe....I'd better knit this baby sweater that I actually finish it before it's too small :-D I chose to do the largest she'll have room to grow theory...or maybe just so that it will still be her size by the time I get done. I've already found a mistake in this pattern, I have yet to see a pattern from MM that doesn't have mistakes. My mother-in-law buys a lot of them, and she's always finding that they just don't work....until we figure out the typos...and then it usually runs smoothly :-) Happy knitting!

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Wool Winder said...

I use PG-R's method for short-row heels and toes. I work my socks from the top down, but she gives instructions on how to do toe-up also. It's all in her book--Simple Socks Plain and Fancy.