Friday, September 07, 2007

Sweater neck stalled again!

Ok, So I actually sat down and finished picking up the stitches around the neck and I finished knitting the neck of my sweater.....Great! I did while watching 3 back to back episodes of What Not To Wear....poor H, I just love that show..... anyways, I'm so excited to pick up the sleeves and get going......buuuuuuut...guess what I just noticed...the new needle I bought to do the sleeves...the no.6 4.00mm, while the one I used for the body of the sweater was a no6 24inch .....but that one was 4.25mm DOH! Why oh why isn't there a standard needle size for standard needle sizes...why oh why do they differ between brands....why oh why do I always have to remember the metric size....and why oh why did I buy a different brand in the first place! Doh! because it was about 1/3 the price that's why! Even though the other one (which may not have even been available) would have been sooooo worth it....

Oh well, stalled again until I find the right needle wouldn't believe how long it took me to find in the first place....nobody stocks these needle sizes around here...everyone said they would have to order them in special.... seriously...I'm not lyin'!

Oh well, I will have to finish H's socks...and a gift for my friends new baby...who is now nearly a month old....I think I'm going to make a simple but hopefully pretty baby quilt...because I really don't know of very many baby knitting patterns (strange I know!) and my friends mom is a wonderful knitter I'm sure she's go tons of knits already.

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Wool Winder said...

That's frustrating about the needles. Maybe you can order one online. Good luck.