Saturday, April 05, 2008

I love my third!

My third skein of handspun.

This is the one I've made straight from the beginning. Well, almost from the beginning. I got it AFTER the sheep. I got it in the form of dirty fleece from a bag which I washed, and carded and spun. And now here is it. These pictures are from right after spinning last week. Before I "set the twist"

Here is it sitting with it's buddies, my first and second skeins, you can see how they compare. I've not being trying for any particular weight, I'm just trying to spin whatever I get is what I get. This new one has turned out to be a very fine weight. I'm guessing somewhere around fingerling weight...but that's just my guess as I hold it up to other yarns in my basket of stash...maybe dk weight?It's now hanging from the pot rack in my kitchen with a soup can slung in the loop to weight it down to set the twist...I forgot to do that last week...oops...I hope that doesn't mess things up.I'm off again this week to spin a little bit more, I couldn't finish all that I had last week. So we'll see how this week goes.


Jennifer said...

Yea!! A post! I am so impressed! I think you should skip the sock yarn and buy some fiber from Hello Yarn and just spin and spin. How are you spinning? Do you own a wheel or do you do it at class? I love the Baby surprise Jackets out of handspun. I'm so excited at the possiblities of your handspinning. I tried a drop spindle once and got frustrated so my desire to spin is gone. Which is good because I have a million things I want to knit.

Tracy said...

I'm lovin that skein too!!! You evil temptress you. I've been averting my eyes from my wheel and fibers cuz I can only imagine how much it would rule my life. Must. Resist. Allure of sheepiness.

Jennifer said...

Have your seeds germinated? You'll have to do a blog post on pre-garden stuff. I want to do the square foot garden thing too. I'm seriously considering this . I have the doors and everything. Only 11 more days until tax season is over. I hope to do a lot of yard work after that. Do you all still have snow?

Wool Winder said...

Wow, that looks great!