Sunday, April 20, 2008

Knit Night!!!

So, the first ever knit night was oh so much fun. We ate munchies, although I think I might be the one who ate the most and knit the least, talked a LOT, and did some knitting.We started small because I had no idea how this would turn out. I figured if people enjoy themselves and want to get together again...GREAT! and then we can invite more people!I think we may have even converted my sister in law to knitting...I've been trying to two years or so now (that's who's lap I'm sitting on...I don't normally sit on just anyone for photo ops :-) She's working on a modern log cabin blanket from Mason Dixon. I bought some dishcloth cotton and needles for teaching people to night. That's my new go to teaching project since the scarf requires too much commitment for my liking, and I think you learn more doing the dishcloth where you start with 4 stitches and increase doing yo's up to about 43 then decrease doing k2tog yo k2tog till you're back down to 4. People seem to feel like they can do a lot more after this dishcloth pattern than they do after learning a plain garter stitch scarf...but...anyway.
Sarah didn't think her first knitting attempt dishcloth was even enough. She was chatty (which is why we love her) and always seemed to forget the yo on the same side. Soooo when she said she wanted to rip it out and start over, I made her take a picture with it first....can't lose your first knit right! Then, we ripped it and helped her cast on again with take home yarn for homework...hmmmm I've got to call that Sarah and see how she's doing...hmmmm come to think of it she hasn't answered my emails....hmmmm :-P

Next knit night will be soon!

Debbie's mini disclaimer hehe: Knit night was actually Monday April 7th....but I haven't posted because I was waiting to make sure that everyone was OK with having their pictures posted online. I haven't heard back from everyone so there are some photos missing...I didn't want to leave people out...but I really didn't want to post people online without permission.


Jennifer said...

How fun. Wish I was there. The commute might be too much to commit to, though.

Wool Winder said...

I think a dishcloth is a perfect first project. Looks like fun!

Tracy said...

You lucky girl you!!! Knit Night at home what fun!!!!

cinnamongirl93 said...

What a great night of fun! I have to agree with you on the dishcloth as the first project. What a great idea!

Jennifer said...

A new house! How exciting. So have you moved in yet? No more yucky landlords. Congratulations!