Saturday, May 03, 2008

Knit night lives!

Monday April 28th we got together for another night of knitting and eating and lot's of talking. It was wonderful! We had one more person this time, my friend who hasn't knit in a few years was persuaded to cast on a dishcloth to come and socialize.Anita was helping me pick the "right white" for my new house. Yep we bought a house! The closing date is my birthday, June 18th. It's 5 years old, and in really great shape but desperately needs a paint job, it was clearly cheap builders paint, the kind that marks if you even look at it funny, and it's very worn looking. So, the first thing we're doing is getting the carpets steam cleaned upstairs (mainfloor is hardwood and tile..yeah), and painting the whole place.
It's very open concept so I think I want a fairly neutral colour for the main floor as it will carry all the way from the front door through the entire main floor and all through the upstairs hallways, there isn't really a good place to stop and change the colour...unless you wanted to just paint an accent wall...but for now...I need the right neutral!
So...a few days after buying the house....I was walking over to the cafeteria at work and there was a little art show set up....I saw a couple of things and declared them new house art! (shown above with Anita) it's mostly cool colours, but with lots of warm ones in the background ....soooo I'm trying to pull something out...Well..there's my ramble :-D

The boys had their own playdate, they dropped their wonderful ladies off at my house and went off to do whatever it is that they you think they're knitting in secret???


cinnamongirl93 said...

Looks like a good time was had by all. It's great getting together and doing some handwork. Not to mention the fellowship and food! I have to say a big congradulations on the new house! How exciting for you both.

Jennifer said...

It looks like a cozy gathering. They look like a capable group that could also pack a box or organize kitchen cabinets should you need help. Hint, hint. :)

Wool Winder said...

Congratulations on the new house! I tend to go neutral on the walls too.

Tracy said...

Nah, by the looks of those dudes, I'd say they are a motley crew of crocheters. :-P

Jennifer said...

That would be good ol' red heart yarn that someone from church gave me. Yarn and nails at the top. I like the idea of using old blinds but we don't have any blinds. I'm kind of anti blind though I'm sure I could have found some at the thrift shop.