Friday, May 09, 2008

Jane's shawl...and a pink baby bib

Wow! Can you believe it?!?! The shawl is done!Last night at small group I gave it to Jane. She was surprised that I made her something with it....but I think she liked it. Everybody liked the beads.
When it was all done, I really liked it myself, it's extremely soft and cozy.
So, then on Wednesday night, I whipped up this little baby bib for a couple of friends who just told us that they're expecting. We are soooooo very delighted and happy for them! This week I guessed that they're having a I went with hot pink :-D it's fun to guess!
Annnnd I actually casted on last weekend...but just this evening I was finishing the first row as I was waiting for hubby after really..I started this today...and here's my progress. It's the DROPS 95-9 short sleeved top.
I'm doing my double decreases differently as described by Tracy Mine is a little different...I want to make it longer...and my gauge is finer, due to the yarn I'm using...and there are more'm sort of using the pattern as more of a guideline and using my gauge and measurements for sizing etc.

I'm still not sure if I should have gone down a needle size for this silk...but whatever...I'm enjoying the ride, and it will be a trial and error learning experience :-D

Oh ya, I have no idea why my pictures turned sideways...usually when I want them to do that I can't figure out how for the life of me to get them that I want them normal...and they flip vertically! Go figure.


Jennifer said...

The shawl turned out beautiful! I'm glad Jane liked it. The Bib O loves are fun, the genious burp clothe was cute too but I seem to remember that it just went on and on. Perfect gifts though. And a new sweater! I can't wait to see how that one turns out! I've been trying to crochet a farmers market bag. It is going fine but it is coming out smaller than I thought it would. Maybe I should read the chapter on guage and hook sizes. :)

Wool Winder said...

The shawl is fabulous! I love the beads too.

Tracy said...

That shawl looks wonderful good job!!
I get such a kick when people say 'I'm doing this pattern but I've changed this and that' Lord knows I'm guilty of it as well. lol You can't leave us all hanging like that, what other changes have you made????? This top in silk is going to fabulous.