Saturday, November 22, 2008

Snow, Snow, SNOW!

I have no snow pictures, because I'm not going outside....BUT I might actually get to use our new fireplace :-) and for that I'm kindof excited.

I've had a few weeks of migraines, but yesterday topped them all. I think it was because of the snow, rain always gets me, but I hadn't considered snow before, so now I realize that's probably why winters are so bad for me....Hmmm, maybe I'll move closer to Wool Winder. Looks nice there doesn't it!

I haven't really made any progress on the socks, but I did finish my blanket square (so we have enough squares for our Christmas blanket, I casted on a tomten jacket, knit about four rows, and decided that I didn't like something, either the needles or the yarn, not sure which, but that's the end of that. I also casted on another baby bib o'love, because I wanted to knit, but needed some plain old garter stitch. Sooo, no work on the sock :-(

Here is a picture of the baby kimono finally finished and gifted at the baby shower. I finally finished sewing it up. I finished the knitting around September, but the sewing up didn't happen until Wednesday night...because the baby shower was on Thursday!
Instead of ribbons I opted for just a crocheted tie, because some moms have told me that the ribbons get caught on velcro in the washer and end up ruined. I hope this looks OK. Sarah seemed happy with it, but I also got her a one hour massage, so I think she was drunk on the idea of someone rubbing down all her sore spots..hehe....


Tracy said...

Awww poor thing, yeppers snow does it too. Think about it, it's the same thing just frozen. :o)or perhaps that should be a :o(

I see you have the same issues I do with deadlines...always gotta push them. lol The kimono looks great.

leah said...

The kimono is adorable!

cinnamongirl93 said...

I love the baby kimono. I have a friend from church that is expecting in April. I'll have to give this pattern a try.
No snow here. For some reason this year I can wait for the snow! Normally you would here me comment that I can't wait for it to snow.

Jennifer said...

I'm sorry this is your season of migraines. I hope that they cease, I'll pray about it! Love the kimono, it turned out lovely. You have a whole month or so to get those socks done! No worries. Enjoy the rhythm of garter stitch! Knit, knit, knit, knit. I love the burp cloth in that book too!

Wool Winder said...

Somehow I missed this post earlier. The kimono is so cute! If you ever need to escape the snow, come for a visit.