Saturday, November 29, 2008

Socks that count!

Toe up Mockery socks. Toes from Bayerische.
With a short row heel from "Simple socks: Plain and Fancy" which I bought as soon as I realized she explained short row heels and toes so that even I could do them without big holes! And an elastic bind off.

I finished the second sock…this one was much faster! The elastic bind off on this one isn’t as nice and loose as the first though :-( Hoping it will be loose enough for Aunt Mary, it’s OK for me.

Yeah! Socks that count: 1 pair (I've made others before, but they were fat yarn on bigger needles) So this is the first pair for my official sock count. I think I'll be making more...but first some Christmas knitting. I'm about to cast on for some mitered mitts!My first tiny needle skinny yarn socks!

Hmmmm, don't zoom in too close on the first might end up finding some stray leg hair :-P
Ha!...I'm gross


leah said...

Lovely! I have Qed these socks are inspiring me! maybe I have some yarn that would work!

Wool Winder said...

I love them! Congratulations on your first pair of of skinny yarn socks, but I think you should count the others you've made, too.

Tracy said...

Those are beautiful!! I even zoomed and I think they are breathtaking....btw no leg hair giggle/snort

Trish said...

Oh, so pretty! Congrats on the first pair of skinny needle & yarn socks.

Jennifer said...

And here you were making me think that you wouldn't have them done in time for Christmas! Bah, you were just fooling me. They are lovely and I'm kinda bummed you don't get to keep them yourself!

This yarn looks great with this pattern. Good choice!

cinnamongirl93 said...

How wonderful! Congrad's on your first real pair of socks. I like the yarn you used. It's very pretty. I will use your post as a reference when I'm ready to knit my first pair.