Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Abundantly Blessed - Part 4 of That Tummy Topic

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So, after some fear, and a bit of uncertainty and some unfounded concerns about fertility, we were given these three awesome gifts from God.     Three amazing little people.   Three reasons to get up every morning.   Three reasons to laugh and smile.   Three reasons to STOP! and just look at them.   Three reasons to make sure I read my bible, because I can't teach them about Jesus if I don't know Him myself.   Three little individual persons,...so different, and so alike, and so perfectly perfect for us.

Near the end of my pregnancy with Olive, a friend of mine stood with me in the hallway at church and she said with tears in her eyes, that didn't it just feel like yesterday we weren't sure if we'd be able to have any kids  (We'd been told by the doctor at the fertility clinic after our second miscarriage that we would most likely have trouble, not to wait long, and to come back to him that he would take us)  and here we were expecting our third baby just a few years later.  

There are 22 months between Ruby and Jude, and then 12 months between Jude and Olive.

God blessed us abundantly, and quickly!

So, that's how I got here.   Where I sat in December 2013.   A now staying at home mom, to three sweet littles.   I felt like this is it now.   Since Olive's birth I've felt like now we are starting our life as a family.    That's a little hard to explain, and I'm not sure I get it myself, but I have felt like we're in a new season.

This new season is the one where I get things rolling.   Figure out the flow of our family.  How is it going to work.   How will I work through our days, run our house, teach our children and do all those things that my job entails.    It's also when I suddenly felt like now is the time for me to get my body back together.   I need my body to be put back together, so that I can take care of my family, and do my job, and be the mom.    The time is NOW!  We have arrived!!!  This is what I've always wanted, and dreamed of.     This is our house full of awesome with noise and dirt on it!  

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