Saturday, March 17, 2007

I'm back!...sort of

I'm blogging, right! I forgot! haha..well sort of ...I kept thinking of this but life has been soooo darned busy that I just haven't taken the time to come back....

I think I will try to get back into it though, because it's kindof fun. Too bad everyone who was checking it out (because I told them to..haha) has quit because I've been away so long.

Hmmm well, what's happened. Well, since quitting that pesky Masters project, and walking away from my
$20,000 scholarship (that still sounds crazy to me, especially since I'd wanted to work on MS for soooooooooo long, and I finally was, but I guess long distance relationships just aren't something that I'm tough enough for, and I think I'd better keep my marriage as my first priority :-D, well, second, God is first, husband is second, kids are third,,,,I get off scot free on that one for about 5 more years (no babies, 5 years!). Now I have a FABULOUS job, (first I had a really really really crappy one, then I got this one, and it couldn't be better!!!!) Life is GOOD!

Soooooo, that wacko lookin picture is of me and Nautie (fabulous pattern from that I made for baby and gave to her for Christmas (do most babies get lot's of presents before they're even born???) I think it's probably my favourite thing, because it's so darned cute with those tentacles all curling, I'm sure in a few months they'll be covered in drool, and it will be FABULOUS!

Me with the big purple bag looking oh so photogenic (ummmm, ok maybe not). That's my Jordana Paige knitting bag, that I wanted soooo bad for soooooo long, I think I started drooling over it nearly a year ago, and my sweet sweet Harold had to jump through hoops apparently to get it for me for Christmas. I don't know what all the problems were, but, apparently there was a lot of stress involved, and I think it ended up costing somewhere around $200 by the time he finally got it to me....oops...I really didn't know it would be so much trouble or seriously I wouldn't have really is fabulous though!

And then there is me (me again, hmmmm I'm sensing a slight self absorption theme here :-), oh well, it's my blog, you can be self absorbed on your own blog :-P, holding new baby Sienna woo hooo (no woo hoo is not her middle name), I can't for the life of me figure out how to flip the picture so that it is upright....I think I need blogger lessons, because you would not believe how many times I accidentally delete my pictures when I'm trying to move them around in a post...I CANNOT get the formatting of this thing figured is a MAJOR irritation...and not very Debbie friendly, so...if my pages look messy, I blame the system...or my incompetance...whichever)
Sooooo, Sienna was born on January 8th, 2007, and she is sooo beautiful!

And now a lovely picture of my smashing husband Harold strutting his hockey stuff out on the pond, I only wish that the ice was still there, it was great this year, we had so much fun. I wish we always had ice like that, I would have fabulous legs! but probably a very bruised rear end :-)

Oh ya, I have brown hair now, sort of red brown, I have no picture yet, because I'm the picture taking maniac I rarely have them of me, I'm too busy blinding everyone, especially Sienna, with the flash of my digital camera. So, no brown hair pictures, but, now that I see the Christmas pics, I think maybe I liked my hair better then, hmmmmmm but I've heard that a lot of people like the brown on me...oh, why can't hair just look good and be done, I always hate my hair, and it so darned expensive to go ANYWHERE and get your hair done anymore! Well, that's my hair rant....haha...see I AM a crazy person.

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Anonymous said...

I couldn't find that pattern for nautie on Do you have it? I love it so much. You did such a great job on it!
Love ya
PS are you on facebook? you need to join! such many people we know are on it :)