Friday, March 23, 2007


Looky what I got!

Yeppers, my wool arrived in the mail the other day from Elann. It's the peruvian highland wool, in oxford grey heather. It's for the cardigan that I want to make from Knitting Pure & Simple (cardigan #241). I'm never sure about wool, it can be soooo soft...or soooo scratchy. I don't really know enough about wool to tell by the name either, but I thought I'd give this stuff a shot. The colour is exactly what I was looking for, and it feels really quite soft to the touch. I can't wait to see how it feels once knit up. Although if this is anything like the last sweater I made it might be a year or two before I find out....hope not!
Here's a lovely close up. Notice that I'm not showing anything on needles...yup...that's because I don't have any....I soooo should have just bought them from elann at the same time...but I didn't...and now I have to go in search of needles at the local places tomorrow if I get time....doh! ....I really just want to rip it out of the box and start knitting.

Sciency talk now:
And hey! Guess what! My PCR worked! Yeppers, my gels are gelly gelly good! But, I've got a new system, which doesn't use ethidium bromide, which I love...because who really wants to work with carcinogens when you don't need to? Not me! But anyways, I've got to find a filter that will work for imaging my gels with this new way to document my fabulous PCR's just for genotyping...but still, I want pictures!

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Wool Winder said...

Thanks for the nice comment you left on my blog. I like the wool you picked for your cardigan. The color is great! Good luck on it. It's a nice pattern to work from and the resulting sweater is really nice. I know you'll like it.