Saturday, May 07, 2011


Woot!  Down 8.6lbs in 4 weeks....   finally!  I should feel like myself again around the end of summer!  yay!   This is so exciting to me!   I can't wait to feel like I put clothes on and wear them....rather than put clothes on and tug and pull and try to figure out how to cover up all the "stuff" that I don't like...

I'm feeling SO encouraged by this....and it's been so so easy!  I honestly can't believe how easy this plan is...I don't know why I was always so resistant to weight watchers....I've done some pretty tough diets... and this just the easiest thing ever!

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Jon & Christa said...

Is it really that easy? My friend Jamie was trying to talk me into it, she LOVES weight watchers. Maybe I should do it. Every time I try to lose weight I obsess about food and end up gaining! lol (well, not really lol... more like GRRRRRR!) Congrats on the 8.6 lbs! That's awesome!!!!