Sunday, May 15, 2011

Super Simple Tea Towel Lunch Bag!

Our little Miss needed a bag to take her snacks in to church nursery on Sunday...and I realized that I'd left some leaky stuff in hers :(  oops... So..  I quickly whipped up this new one from my favourite (but a little stained) tea towel!
 It really IS super super simple!  All I did was fold it in half, and stitch up the sides, as if you were making a flat bag.   Then I made little box corner, like a flat bottom paper bag.
 The whole thing was super flopsy!  So I just stitched up each of the corners, there are no seams there...I just did it to add some structure, so it would keep it's shape.
 Then I used my very loved snap pliers, and applied some plastic snaps to the it's a snap close lunch bag.
 Worked perfectly!!!   and...bonus...  it's a really thick and absorbant tea if there is a bit of a spill, it will likely soak it will be a little insulating, because of the thickness. 
 Now I just wish that the shamrock picture wasn't upside down...but the whole bag is a little too short to make that a fold over.  Oh well. 
Made this one have a fairly square bottom... for low wide food containers and such... I don't like having to put containers on their sides, so I usually like a big base on lunch bags.

This would work best with a long thin towel, that way there would be more of a fold over top..and a little more of a traditional lunch bag shape, but this one is working just great for us.  :)

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