Thursday, May 19, 2011

Toy Bags!

I wanted some simple toy bags, to keep things from being ALL OVER EVERYWHERE!
found this cute fabric in my stash...I've had it forever....I can't remember if it was my moms...or if it was given to me by someone else.  I had some pink stuff too that I made PJ pants out of years ago (we're talking 10 years ago!)
I didn't even pull out the iron.... I just cut...  yep..that's right...I just cut right on the wrinkle folds...I'm risky like that
This first one I folded over and hemmed (but still in a lazy way)...the others I just ran a zig zag around really quickly... much better.   Folded over about an inch at each end and stitched it down.. I didn't measure...  :)
Here is the first one... semi-hemmed and with the 1-inch folded at stitched at each end.
Right sides together....stitched the sides closed.... NOT stitching through the folded over casing at the top
Turned right side out....still not ironing....these are quick quick nap time sewing...
Found some elastic in that box too...score....threaded it on my yarn needle and ran it through the casing at the top of the bag....
Just tied it in a knot....   these bags stay sort of open...but drawn in enough to keep things from falling out too much.  I wanted little 11-month old hands to be able to get things out :)
All done....time to organize!

Perfect... a place for all those little people!

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