Sunday, January 05, 2014

No Maternity Clothes in 2014!

There!   I did it.   I made a resolution.     Olive is nearly 8 months old.   I haven't been wearing maternity clothes, but I have been wearing my maternity coat all winter because I didn't fit back into my old one. I have been doing Weight Watchers online again, and I'm 20lbs down.   I didn't even occur to me that I might be able to wear one of my regular winter coats again until New Years Day, when we were headed out the door.   Harold said something about his coat being the warmest one he had...and I complained a bit about still wearing a maternity coat because that's the only one I had that fit me.   Then I thought "hmmmm"    and grabbed my black Sorel.   I can do it up!!!

 I've been wearing it ever since.   It's way too tight and quite clearly a size (or two) too small...but whatever...I'm wearing it!   It rides up my waist because it's tight on my hips and I look a little sausagey...but...who cares!  I'm wearing it.

I proudly declared as we walked out the door  "NO MATERNITY CLOTHES IN 2014!"

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