Friday, January 03, 2014

That post...where I whine instead of making resolutions.

This was supposed to be that post where I list all the things I'm going to make an effort to turn into habit this year.   So many things!  There are so many things that I need to get together and work into a daily/weekly/monthly/yearly plan to run and care for our household and wonderful children.    I really want to keep up.   I want to make our home nice for us.   I want to have a home that's not cluttered up with junk making us feel unsettled and stressed all the time.    I crave order and space.  

          1 Corinthians 14:33  For God is not a God of disorder but of peace.... that might not be in context...but it's seriously calming for me to read that when thinking about our home.    

I want to go through this place like wildfire and ruthlessly cull all the non-essential everything that we have laying around, slightly organized, stored, piled, stuffed, etc.      

I could spend hours and days lost in the basement, or the bedrooms, or anywhere really..... but, often I'm just so tired...    and when I'm not too tired I have three little people that need to be supervised...and then there are many, many days where this is what I see all day.

Yes.   That is one adorable baby.   She's perfect and sweet and so, so wonderful.... and I've been holding her half the day.    Most of the rest of the time she looks like that. NOT HAPPY.    So, my clean house will have to wait.   It's kind of a catch 22.   I want the house in order so that it's a better environment for my children,...but I can't get the house in better order because of my children....hahaha.    Perhaps I just need to drink more coffee.   Isn't more coffee always the answer.   
Yes, yes I think it is.   

Poor sweet munchie...  She just won't sleep!!!  

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