Monday, January 13, 2014

Shut the Door!

We are clearing things out.    As Olive is finished with baby things, we're either selling them, or more frequently giving them away.   Much of our baby items were given to us, passed through families, loved many times, and we hope they'll move on to another family, and perhaps another, until they're just plain worn out with love.  :D

One of the first things to go is this bassinet.   All three of our kids have slept in this in the beginning.   Poor Olive was in this until last night!  She is 8 months old, and we haven't got Jude into his toddler bed yet, so Olive is still waiting for the crib.   Last night we pulled the playpen into our room, because honestly, I'm afraid one of these days my sweet Olive is just going to decide to crawl right out of this thing.   She doesn't crawl yet, or sit up, or even army crawl...she just rolls and rolls, and rolls :)  but still, it's TIME!

I thought I'd be really, really sad and have a hard time giving this stuff away,  knowing that if I was giving it away that meant we've shut the door on the idea of anymore children.    As it turns out, I'm finding it incredibly freeing.   We have so much clutter in this house. So many toys, so so so many clothes (the clothes are another story.  They are such a blessing, but I actually got so overwhelmed by them that there are boxes of Ruby's clothes that Olive outgrew before I could even sort...insert guilt here).  So much baby equipment.  

So, yes, back to the freeing part!   I've been looking at things in a new way.  I'm not sure when it happened, but I'm thankful for the change.   I'm loving giving this stuff away!    I'm looking forward and I'm excited about the life before us together in our complete little family.     We aren't planning on any more children, and we're happily moving on, clearing out our house and making room for things like train sets, and a new play room, and a PIANO!!!    Our house is becoming our home!  

We've talked and we're both feeling the same way.  We're done!  But we both always think and dream about a 4th child...but NO!  not right now!   and maybe (probably) never.   We've shut the door,...but we've not locked it.

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