Thursday, May 22, 2014


So, this is happening at our house.

We got tadpoles!   I'm calling it a science lesson for the kids, but really, I always wanted to catch tadpoles when I was a kid and watch them go through metamorphosis.  I'm pretty sure that Harold and I are far more excited about this than the kids are.

We're also the people who can take a nearly free project and make it one of the more expensive projects.  Here is the current state of our "nearly free" kids project.   

Let's just say that since mom really misses having an aquarium, that she's pretty easily convinced of the necessity of this set up.    And it was on sale.   And when the frogs are done, I'm getting FISHES!!!!  I mean...ahem....the kids are getting a few fish...ya know...for educational teach them responsibility and all that.  Yep,  that's the excuse I'm going with.  (((Squeeeee...I've got a tiny aquarium!!!)))

Oh...and I'm still totally on Facebook...I got so many new migraine suggestions yesterday!  Including one that sounds as close to a pedicure as a migraine therapy can get.  I pick that one!

Oh, and after a little googling, it turns out that our tadpoles are going to be toads, not frogs.  I don't care, look how cute they are!

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