Sunday, June 01, 2014


I've started working on a little blanket for the living room.  Now that we have a new (to us) pull out couch, we have a space for guests, and a couch that seems to fit without needing a slipcover!   The colours in it will go with our new paint, but we do need a little blanket for the living room.   The kids and I are always using my little pink/red shawl, or Olive's knit baby blanket from Auntie Nica (which totally coordinates in the living room, but is a wee bit small.  

Seeing Olive's blanket in the living room made me think about making a blanket for us here, and since Nica gave me the two balls of that yarn that she had leftover, it seemed an obvious place to start.   I started pulling out odd balls of yarn from the stash.   (See!  It's GOOD to have a crazy amount of yarn at your fingertips!)   I have added new colours, and taken some colours away, but I've ended up with this pile of yarn to make a blanket out of:

I'm making the African Flower Hexagon crochet motifs.   (note:  I'm not actually using this tutorial, but it seems to be the most popular)

Here are the few little hexagons that I have so far.   They don't take long to make, but I will need  a LOT of them!

They are kinda fun, and a little bit addicting to make, especially since I want many different colour combinations so it's fun to pick the colours for the next block.  

Hmm, now....will I ever actually finish a whole blanket?  We'll see!  Ha!  Since I'm sooooo good at finishing.  :P

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