Monday, June 09, 2014

I wanna quit the gym.

All Harold and I can think of when we talk about this is the Friends episode where Chandler and Ross end up with a join chequing account.  

So, I joined the YMCA way back in October.  It was AMAZING!!!  ...for a week.   Then we got sick (obviously that was going to happen).   But we didn't just get sick.  Well, we all just got sick, Olive got so sick that it took her months to recover.   She was in emergency a few times, and it was weeks of my little sweety unable to eat without vomiting and having the most horrible diarrhea and bleeding, not just bleeding from the diaper rash, she had that too, but blood in her poop, bleeding from her poor baby intestines because she was sick for so long.  It took her poor little tummy so long to heal.  It was months of titrating her back onto a formula that had some lactose in it.   

Anyways, I think that's what did it.   I was all over the gym idea, until she got sick.  Then even when she was better, I was advised to keep her out of there for a bit longer.   Then the colds started, and those never end. I know it was a bit of a psychological thing for me, there was a bit of fear of seeing my baby so sick again, and not being able to do anything to help her.   It kind of felt like a rational fear.  And then it was months... months of paying for the membership and not using it.   

I felt OK about that because the kids would get their swimming lessons included with the membership.  Then I went to register them for the swimming lessons, and... WE COULDN'T GET IN!!!  That was the reason I was still holding on it the Y membership.  So... we're done.

Now I'm trying to actually USE the Fit2B membership that I have.  Instead of $110 a month, it's $11 a month (once you exchange the US currency for Canadian, it ends up being about $11 for me in Canadian funds).  Now it's even cheaper, because I bought a year membership on sale, for a little more than half the price of one month at the Y.   

...and now I'm actually using it.   I'm doing a video almost every day, or going for a walk.  I don't have to spend an hour packing the kids up and getting there, I can just sneak in 10 or 20 or 30 minutes (Ok, I have yet to do a 30 minute video), while the kids are distracted playing.   I love the lack of rush.  It's calm, relaxed, and fits in whenever I need it to.   I just did a challenge at shower time.  I've done a quick workout on my bathmat before hopping into the shower, or a few exercises while I'm waiting for something to cook on the stove.   

So, I quit the gym.  

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