Tuesday, June 17, 2014

She's 4!

This incredibly sweet, smart, funny, caring, sensitive, fiery, beautiful girl, turned 4 years old yesterday.  To say that I think she's amazing, just doesn't quite cut it.   I just don't have the words to express the feelings I have towards this little peice of God's perfection.   

She had a pretty HUGE birthday party.   Few things have left me more stressed leading up to it.   I felt totally unprepared, and worried that the whole thing would be a gigantic disorganized mess.  Then.... it was calling for rain, not just rain, but thunderstorms!  Ahhhhhh!!!!   If you saw the size of my living room, you'd know why I was panicking a wee bit.   There just is not space in my house for that many people. Outside?  SURE!!!   I was counting on outside.  

I prayed...lol...I prayed for sunshine, and no rain, and Thank you, Lord!   It didn't rain!   

Even with all the wonderful friends we had over, I was really missing a few people...  I found myself saying all the time to myself that I really wanted to invite "this person" and "that person" and it was making me feel both a little bit sad, and a little bit bad, because I just don't want anyone left out!...  but then I had to remind myself that I really didn't have all that much room, and I really wasn't organized at all, and I really didn't have anything planned other than "people come over, children play, we give them food and cake".  That's the extent of my epic party planning skills.   There have just been so many things going on.  If you'd have told me when I was working full time, that I'd be so busy when I was staying home, I don't think I'd have believed you.  

Alas, the party seemed to be a hit!  It was hot.  There were wonderful little children running and playing everywhere.  There was a bouncy house (for a little while) and a sprinkler, some popsicles, cake and cupcakes, and wonderful gifts from Ruby's friends.   Some moms got a chance to sit and chat, between running after kids, taking pictures and administering popsicles and freezies.

There were overcooked chicken fingers, and undercooked (and some overcooked) fries, sugar laden juice "cocktail" and ketchup as far as the eye could see.      

I, of course, sent them home with noisemakers in their goodie bags.  Sorry parents.  

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