Saturday, April 07, 2007

Cardigan - progress, sock - standby...

Well, I've actually made some progress on my sweater. I really love this colour more everytime I work with it. I think it really WILL go with everything.
This was from my yesterday knitting. We had Easter dinner with the fam, and I got to knit some rows between playing with baby Sienna on the floor, she doesn't do much, but boy does she "talk" now. It's so fun, I could just stare at her for hours. It reminds me of when Brooklynn (neice) was that little.
Here is my sock, my first tiny needle short row sock. I made a pair of toe up socks for a friend a while back, and I absolutely LOVE knitting them from the toe up, but, I've never knit something with such small needles and thin yarn, and, I've never done short rows. I'm having trouble with holes again! What's with me and giant holes in my knitting?!?! Anyways, I ripped the sock toe out once, because on one side there were holes everywhere I had turned. One side was fine, one side was full'o'holes. I still haven't figured out what I did. Anyways, I'm about ready for the heal and I'm nervous....what if the holes return?!!? (play scary frightening music here )(I'm using "Wendy's toe-up sock pattern" which I think I found from the knitty website, and "Dancing" sock yarn from knitpicks....I like it's elastic-y)

And here's a pic of branching out (with lot's of mistakes). I finished it early in the winter and wore it almost everyday. The yarn I picked was obviously not the recommended choice, but that's what I wanted. It's a fuzzy alpaca, and it was so soft. I actually bought the yarn first, because I'm obsessed with the idea of actually owning a couple of real alpacas (and seriously, maybe a sheep, couple of goats, perhaps an angora bunny or two, we are, after all, going to build out by the family farm,.....someday.... ) and wanted to make sure I wasn't allergic, I might be mildly so, but don't expect me to admit that to anyone.
It looks all mis-shapen because I actually taped my scarf to the front window in order to see the pattern, lol, and found many more mistakes than I knew about, but, there's the joy of using the wrong yarn, it also hides all my mistakes, the bottom pic is the same scarf, all smushed up on a chair so you can see the colour of the yarn. (It was also from knitpicks).

Whew, 4:30ish on a holiday Saturday....sounds like nap time to me :-) zzzzzzzzzz

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Wool Winder said...

The mistakes don't show at all. Branching Out is a lovely pattern. I'll get around to knitting it one day.