Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Looks like spring...but it's frigid!

At church on Sunday my secret sister left me these potted flowers. They're for Easter, and for our anniversary. Can you believe it. If you saw a wedding picture of my bouquet, there are flowers almost exactly like this in the bouquet! What a perfect anniversary gift! :-) My secret sister is just FABULOUS!!! :-)
And this little guy! This was a free plant, that was left over from when I TA'd a first year biology lab course, this thing hasn't stopped blooming since November, I've never had plants bloom for me, I'd never even had a spider plant get those little babies before, now you should see my spider plant, and well, this little primrose speaks for itself....what's happening here?!?!?! Perhaps there's hope for my cold black thumb yet.....

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