Monday, July 14, 2008

Counting small successes

Here are some pics of my square foot gardens. I followed the book directions pretty closely, except that I couldn't get vermiculite in anything larger than an itty bitty bag, so I had to substitute perlite. I know, how disappointing but it was that, or forget about the whole thing! I think it's turned out rather well. Except for the pesky earwigs, ewww gross, why oh why are there so many earwigs, and why do they want to eat all our food!?!?!

Here is some lettuce, spinach, panseys (just cuz I like them), and carrots. I have a few extra squares open now because we've harvested the radishes, and I moved the two big tomato plants to separate planters....I've got to get around to planting those extra squares, it would probably only take me 5 minutes..ha!

The cucumbers and sugar snap peas are climbing...
Close up of the sugar snap peas, they are just starting to appear since I got them in a little late.
Some beafsteak tomatoes, these plants I started from seed, so I'm super hopeful for them.

More lettuce, this grand rapids variety has done really well, much better than the iceburg which seems more delicate in the July heat
The start of the green peppers, I've got a lot of little beginnings on the red bell peppers too, these plants were purchased, I tried to start from seed but had no luck.
Some tomato blooms, I'm soon to be overrun by tomatoes I think...I'm ok with that :-)
The first of the cucumbers to be harvested, these are a pickling variety, I picked up the plant for 49 cents, along with an english cucumber plant because I was worried that the ones I started from seed wouldn't survive, turns out, they all did..ha! I don't even know how to make pickles :-)
The first english cucumber, hopefully there will be more where this one came from.

Yes, more cucumber blossoms, I can't begin to tell you how many cucumber blossoms there are!
The first roma tomatoes, and there are lots of them, all green still, but lots of them...these are the ones for sauce, but I'm not sure which type I'm supposed to use for salsa...anybody know?
Here's a view from the back deck, two large roma tomato plants in huge planters, then two square foot garden boxes, complete with supports and chicken wire cages to keep the squirrels out. I have more of a squirrel problem than a bunny problem so far...pesky black squirrels, they've not found their way around the chicken wire thankfully, and we have far less a this house than at the last place.Well, that's my garden tour. :-) I've got a few house pics for you too...but I thought I had better save those for another post :-D


cinnamongirl93 said...

The garden looks great! Nice job. You can us the Romas for salsa too! The pickles you can eat fresh just like a cuke or you can make some pickles. e-mail me if you want some good pickle recipes. I would love to share them with you.
Last year I tried to grow peppers from seed too. I didn't have any luck. This year I bought them.
In my area we need some heat.With all the rain and cool weather thinkgs are a bit behind. Today should start a heat wave into the 90's. We have had 1 day this entire year that was above 90! Just what my garden needs.

Wool Winder said...

Your garden looks great! Pickling cucumbers are not only good for pickles, but are my favorites for slicing and eating right off the vine. It's been my experience that any tomato variety will work for salsa.

I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of your new house. Do you live in the country? It looks like you have a nice open field behind your house.

Jennifer said...

I am soooo impressed. Exspecially since you moved them from the old house. That is just awesome. Another testimony as to how great the square foot method is! I had a few empty squares but my tomatos have taken over everything. Next year, they need a box all to themselves. My aunt had trouble finding vermiculite. She wound up ordering it online.