Tuesday, July 01, 2008

We've moved!

Well, we're finally moved...I've found my camera...but not the batteries..oh well.

We've painted one room, the one that was really REALLY bad, it's now a nice extremely bright..or dark...depending on the sunshine teal colour. H actually really likes it. (I'm a little surprised actually...pleasantly surprised...I just kept saying all the time...it's just paint, so if you don't like it we can just paint over it.... phew...no painting over..the bright happy teal is staying!)

I'm actually not that adventurous with colour, the bedrooms are one thing, but the rest of the house will be more neutral...cuz am a colour scaredy cat!

Well, it turns out I can't write much more...hubby wants help putting the new lawn mower together, I told him that if he pulled my car out of the garage (YES, WE HAVE A GARAGE!!!!) then I would meet him in there and help him wrestle it out of the box :-)

...but...between unpacking and setting up..I should actually be able to say hi online, since we now (as of yesterday) have internet and television hooked up ...woo hooo... (I'm far move excited about the internet than I am about the television :-)

Oh yeah, and I actually knit like about 2 rows yesterday...first knitting I've done in I think WEEKS now...uggg..I miss knitting...and I totally broke my one knit at a time thing...so I feel completely unproductive.....so...no more NEW knits until these 3..or maybe 4 projects are done...then ..back to only one or two (max) things at a time :-D let's see how long it holds this time....

I'll be back soon!



Jennifer said...

yea! You will have to photograph the room color. My afghan would work well in your room too. Finishing it kinda makes me want to clean up my room and paint it like I've been talking about. Kind of. Actually, I'd love for someone else to clean it and I could just paint. Alas, my friends are too smart to clean up my junk. :)

Tracy said...

I'm sooo happy for you, and impressed you're moved in AND painted a room already! The teal sounds wonderful!

We're just the opposite on the color thing, I have outrageously colored walls in the entire house except our bedroom and my workroom. Our bedroom is a relaxing mellow olive-khaki color and my workroom is stark white. Other rooms in the house are deep mulberry purple, fiery orange, acid green, sunny yellow, burnt sugar caramel, and electric blue.

cinnamongirl93 said...

Welcome back! You were missed!
I hope you find the batteries for the camera so you can take some pictures to share with us.
I am color crazy. The teal sounds very cool. I once painted my dining room a deep shade of green. It looked o.k. I ended up painting over it with a product called Flotrol and a lighter shade of green and added some water. I washed the paint over the dark green and got the color of aged copper. It's stunning. Paint is so fun to play with.
Congrad's on your new home

Wool Winder said...

Great to hear you are moved in. Good luck with all the unpacking. Save a little time at the end of the day to sit and knit...you know, as a reward for unpacking lots of boxes and getting everything put away.