Thursday, July 03, 2008

Thank you Jen!

So, when we picked up the mail yesterday there was a key in the mailbox, a key for a different larger parcel box mail box. Imagine my excitement. I love getting mail (good more bills!). We're still getting used to having one of those big mailbox units at the end of the street with everyones little box in it. Anyways, enough ramble!

Inside the box was a birthday and new house gift from Jen, my knitting buddy and literary advisor ;-) She picked two books for me (I've loved all the suggestions so far), along with a letter telling a bit about where she came across them and why she liked them. This is so cool!
And look what else she included! How cute is this bag, I love it, and I have nothing (NOTHING) that is anything like this, and I have really noticed it lately and started searching for just such a thing....spooky almost isn't it...heheheeh now I'm just silly
Just look at the inside fabric, and how similar it is to the new wall colour I painted in the office. The fabric is a bit richer, and a bit more blue... but it's pretty close.
Here is a shot of it done up, I love (love a lot) the bright swirly fabric, what a great gift! Thank you sooo much Jen, you rock! :-D
On a smaller note, I went for a walk with H after dinner tonight, the local multi-use path system runs just behind our house so it's wonderful. Look what I found on the way back. I have never ever seen one that I can remember in my entire life, but here is it, a four leaf clover. I wasn't even looking really, I just sort of glanced through for a few seconds and it caught my eye.
I thought this extremely special, but then a few minutes later, my hubby found a 6 leaf who's ever heard of that, and what sort of mutating pesticide are they using around here :-)
For the record I still think my four leaf clover is more special, because clearly the six leaf clover is just two that somehow got stuck together at birth :P


Tracy said...

ok that six leaf clover kinda scares me. I'd be wondering about the herbicides they use as well. On the other hand mutation is the song of life!

Wool Winder said...

It's your lucky day. Love the bag!

Jennifer said...

Aww shucks. You deserve gifts. I'm glad you like the bag. I hesitated on it, unsure. I'm glad I trusted my instincts. I love the blue you chose. Perfect. It will be my backup color if the orange doesn't turn out in my room. I know you are super busy right now but do email me and let me know your thoughts on those obscure titles. I had several people tell me this week I need to read the Inkheart, Inkspell books. i'll let you know what I think. Oh and I did read chapter #1 of Breaking Dawn (Twilight book 4) Only 3 more weeks before I devour that one!

cinnamongirl93 said...

What a nice pal you have! Books are a great gift.
I too like the 4 leaf clover. Something very special about finding one of those.

Jennifer said...

I am super excited that your square foot garden made the move. I'd love to see what it looks like right now. Not many people get to take their gardens with them when they move. :)