Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Fresh garden salad, and the lonely bootie...

I hadn't planned on taking a picture of part of our dinner. If I had, I would have used the blue bowl (nicer colour contrast) but as I looked at this salad I was rather pleased that it all came from my garden, and that seemed to make it look tastier (ranch dressing helps too!)

Have I ever mentioned my food scale and how much I love it. I use it all the time in the kitchen, but also, occasionally for yarn. Here are the booties I've been working on. Actually I started and finished the one while I was in Philadelphia, but didn't think I had enough yarn left to make the second so I never cast on. Also, I don't know if you can tell from the picture, but it's kindof huge. Maybe I'm delusional about the size of baby feet, but seriously this thing looks like it would fit a 2 year old (I made the three to six month old size, and even used suggested yarn weight, although not exact yarn I substituted worsted weight cotton for worsted weight cotton which the pattern says is totally acceptable, and used the suggested needle actual gauge was given). So maybe I am baby size delusional.

Anyways, the weight of the booty and extra yarn is 22g.The finished (but not seamed) booty is 15g....uh-oh...Yes, as suspected, (like I needed the scale when it was this obvious) the remaining yarn is only 6 grams. :-( A forever lonely booty.
Since these little projects are just my "guesses" for a friend who is pregnant, but waiting till birth to find out the sex of the baby, I thought I might just seam up the single booty (or bootie, I couldn't figure out what the correct spelling was of the single form of booties) and maybe fill it with some baby stuff, like maybe a pacifier, or a little washcloth, perhaps a knit washcloth...I already made a hot pink baby bib, that was my "girl" guess, so now this is my "boy" guess. What can I make next? I'm working on a couple of other things, but they're longer term, and I need lot's of super quick, (and inexpensive...dishcloth cotton or stash busters are perfect) little things to make and keep giving every month(ish) I've fallen behind...this is only my second thing and she's almost 1/2 way there!


leah said...

Your bootie and salad look great! Wendy at put together a sheet of actual baby foot measuremnts from her readers for this very reason! Here is the link:
Hope it helps you decide if the bootie is the right size!

Jennifer said...

Leah is on it! That was the first thing I thought of was The wendy knits baby measurments. The salad looks great. I love feeding myself out of the garden. I feel so smart! Good idea about the baby bootie too! I may have to use that one. And as for your next project...may I introduce you to your Ravelry queue. You've got tons that would work. :) Scarcasm my anti-drug. No seriously, I've been checking out your queue myself for some quick baby projects.

cinnamongirl93 said...

Yummy salad! It looks so good. Perfect for the hot weather.
You have a great idea with the bootie. I think adding little notions would be perfect.