Sunday, April 10, 2011

Looking back....

Wanted a no drug home water birth - Had a horrible 27hr hospital birth with pitocin, epidural, 1.5 hours of stitching, no healing, surgery 8 months later…frankengina

Wanted to breastfeed - Had defective boobies, and a starving baby… bottle and formula feeding

Wanted to do at least some babywearing - Couldn’t walk or sit normally for so long, that it wasn’t really an option…and haven’t gotten around to it now…I still use her little pouch/pocket thing sometimes though

Wanted to keep my weight gain to 30lbs max - Gained at least 50

Wanted all baby weight gone by 4 months post-partum - Still couldn’t exercise then… just starting now…still at 2 week post partum weight…and 50lbs up

Wanted a flexible schedule…for my own sanity - Ruby put herself on one…and it’s great for us

Wanted to be bright and shiny - post partum depression

Wanted to enjoy the early days with my baby - Was so unprepared for just how bad it would be

Wanted to cloth diaper - Yes! Still going on this...and we love it!  One out of 50 ain’t bad right?

Wanted to be a mom - I’m a mom! And she’s amazing. Our gift from God, and none of the above matters one little bit

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