Friday, April 15, 2011

Starting now! ...well...actually yesterday...or...errr...the day before actually

So, on Tuesday (our 5th anniversary) I was done...just done being overweight.   I've thought I was done a few times since Ruby's birth, but I wasn't really there yet.  Now, I'm really there.  It's time to get back to me.   So, we thought it was time to actually sign up for a real weight loss program.  I've never done that before, seemed silly to me when you can just do it yourself.  Well, we went for a consult...and it was going to be around $1000 a month for the two of us...and we'd have to commit for a year...  and go there every day for the first two weeks, then at least 3 times a week after that for a year!  Ummm...what?!?!? clearly we picked the wrong place!

I came home and signed up for the online Weight Watchers....  this is reasonable... it's about $20 a month.  I don't have to find transportation, no stupid expensive supplements that I don't need.

So, I started on Wednesday...  just tracking food, not worrying too much about going over, but logging all.  We went out for our anniversary dinner (the day after our real anniversary) and ate a crazy amount of delicious good!  So, that pretty much used up all my weekly points...ha!  but... I didn't actually go over!  I just have to be careful to stay to my daily points for the rest of the week....and....I can always do more exercise to get a few points.   We went for a nice hour long walk yesterday and I earned 4 points.  

Today was great.  I ate good food, healthy food, and a treat.  I feel satisfied, and I have 2 points left.   I think I can do this... I really really hope I can do this.

I added a ticker to my side bar for accountability.  It doesn't have my weight, just my weight lost....  My big goal is to lose 31 pounds.....  my long term goal is 51 pounds....but that's just too much to think about right now, and, we might want to have another baby before I can get that far!

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