Monday, March 23, 2015

Make it Pretty NOW!

Which leads me to another thought I've had lately.  All these plans and tasks about decluttering before making things pretty.  I've been waiting to make things pretty for so long, because I thought I had to have it completely decluttered first.  But you know what!  Decluttering is boring!  Sure, it feels good for awhile, but I have a serious task here, and keeping up is work.... so forget it! 

Make things pretty!!!!  The making things pretty brings the motivation to declutter!  The two work TOGETHER!  Don't wait to make it pretty!  Make it pretty NOW!   

I wish I'd known this two years ago.   It's like I felt as though I didn't deserve to make it pretty, because I couldn't make it tidy first.   Now, I realize I was just punishing myself because I felt some stupid guilt about being a horrible housekeeper.   There, I said it, I'm a horrible housekeeper.    Oh well.   Jesus saves horrible housekeepers too :)    I am alive in Christ, and I'm forgiven!  (If only being a horrible housekeeper was the worse sin, what a wonderful world this would be)

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