Wednesday, March 11, 2015

My new favourite blogs. A snowball, and what type of light should go here?

I've looked around before, and seen so many decor websites and other things, and it just feels to staged, and extravagant, and professional, and...hmmm.... not me.    Beautiful, sure, but just doesn't feel like something that I can do.

I'm really happy with the things I've found, and am getting more comfortable with. We're going for a comfortable lived in, but pretty look. Not really a professional designer look. We're going with very few purchases, and just finally finding places for things that we already have and love, but have sitting in storage or leaning against a wall instead of hung up.

I'm really enjoying two blogs right now "Like Mother, Like Daughter" and "The Nesting Place" They're both really different, but also really similar with the "make it pretty with what you have" and "it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful" mindset.   I used to read the Nesting Place all the time, but I unsubscribed from ALL blogs a couple of years ago.  I've found it again, it's fabulous.

Comfortably pretty, and reasonably clean. I love it! It's freeing. And I'm avoiding adding anything else to my "toolbox" because I don't want things to get over cluttered and clogged up and stall my progress. Of course Pinterest has enough clutter to clog up anyone's brain but that's just pictures that I'm pinning for inspiration and possibilities.

I definitely have a tendency to spend too much time looking, and wishing and planning, and never spend any time actually DOING because I'm afraid of messing it up.

So, it won't be perfect, and it likely won't follow all the "rules" but that's OK, because it's our house, and we can change it any time we like, or if we love something, we can keep it just the way we like it, whether it breaks any rules or not.

As it turns out, I've already found that this "make it pretty" thing is going to snowball.   

See that?  Yes, that light fixture.  We don't use it.  We've never liked it.  It's glare-y.   We've always known that we wanted to replace it with...something.    But now, I see it in that mirror, and now, I want to change it out NOW.   Lol.   So, What sort of light fixture would you put there?  I have no idea where to even start with styles.   Suggestions?   I kinda wish there just wasn't a light there at all. 

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