Tuesday, March 03, 2015

In case I ever look back and wonder if it was ever really bad....yes...yes it was.

So, this happened.   We had this hall closet.   It started out as a regular closet, that just got jammed with stuff.  All of our out of season jackets, junk, piles and piles of stuff.    

Before we even moved in I knew I wanted to change this closet into a pantry closet.   Eventually I did.   I didn't really get used as a pantry for very long though.  It quickly got changed over to holding out of use kitchen appliances, cleaning supplies, my cases of diet pepsi (which it doesn't hold anymore!), and now it also holds kids activity and art items, aquarium supplies, and a bit of food. 

Well, the door broke awhile ago.  I can't even tell you how long ago, but it's been broken for a long time, and it can only sit there open.   I'd buy a new door, but truth be told, it's not knowing what to do to dispose of this current door that is holding me back.  You see, it's a MIRROR door!    I picture shattered glass allllll over the place.   How do you throw away a gigantic mirrored door? Anyone know?  Please tell me.  

Oh...so, it sits open.  And then my sister brought me a box of stuff that was mine, and I just stuck in in front of that closet just after Christmas, and then everyone got sick, and then it got messier, but I couldn't move around the box, but I was always going to get to that box later, and then more things piled on, and then instead of putting stuff in the closet where it goes I started just tossing it in the general direction of the closet.  (yes.   I mean it.)



OH!  but look at me go!!!    (side note:  yes..that is a potty seat on the floor... Bug is potty learning, and it just ends up there...independence, you know)

Back to the closet of DOOM!

YAY!   Nails!  NAILS, MY FRIENDS!!!   I'm hammering them in all over the place.  I nailed down everything that wasn't nailed down!  (I thought that clever while I was typing).

It's still not pretty.  I mean, really...it's a closet with a broken door, and it's used to store aquarium supplies, pots, appliances, cleaning products and kids art supplies....occasionally some hidden tasty food.  How pretty can it be without a door or a thousand dollars worth of pretty organizational glass containers! (that would end up in tiny pieces on the floor)

....but look at it now.   A spot for everything,...even for the big bin of craft supplies that still need to be organized themselves.

Yes...it's true...I even hung up the jumbo colouring books.  The broom, the mini broom, the Bona mop, the fly swatter, and even the vacuum cleaner attachments, which I never use, and actually used this week because they were so handy to grab.   

And now I can walk through that hallway and not cringe.   It's wonderful.   Not pretty yet, but wonderful... and I can breathe a little easier.  Next stop, the rest of the front hallway.  No wait, that's too much ugly and not enough pretty.  Next stop is something fun.   

I can't believe I'm posting my closet explosion on the internet for all to see.   Why would anyone care about my closets.  I have no idea. Whatever, there it is. 

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