Friday, March 20, 2015

Painting and camera play

 We did some fun painting yesterday, and I did some fun playing with my camera on manual yesterday.   I pretty much never use my camera on manual, because it takes me forever to figure it out, and then the chance that I'll have a usable picture is...hmm...well, lets just say I'm taking a chance, and Christmas or Easter are not good times for experimentation.
I kept this one, because I love it.  I love those big blue eyes, and the white and the pink.  I know it's wrong...but I don't care!  
 Ok, there, that's a little better.  Hello ISO.   
 Sadly, our table has two sides (I'm joking here), and half the people sit on the side facing away from the window, and therefore end up with a shadow on their faces..and since this is casual Thursday painting fun, and not a photo shoot, we just leave it alone, and let the cuteness of the children make the photo bright, rather than the skill (or lack of skill) of the photographer. 
 Hard at work here.  What a handsome fellow.
 Intense concentration.   That really sums this girly up.  Intense.
Oh, this princess is so beautiful now I will KISS HER!   Yep, and eat paint.
 "Look, Mommy.  I painted my nose."  Two seconds later.  "GET IT OFF!!!"  ((tears))
 I just like this one.   
 Nope, still can't take a nice fireplace picture.   That's OK, the fireplace is far from done. I've got time to learn.
 Oh, pretty wall!   Yep, the couch is bare, because somebody peed on the make-do slipcover.
Ohhhhh, and look at that.  Do you see spring peeking through?  I DO!!!!   :D

Update:   I scooped a bunch of poop today, and I discovered that Myah (the dog) has been eating a lot of crayons.  She's literally been pooping rainbows!

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