Thursday, January 03, 2008

Cabled baby cardigan....and cards...and Christmas stuff

I'm a little further on the baby sweater (man...the two year size is really BIG! I would have expected this size for about a 4 year old...I guess I just don't know kids). I don't think I'll be able to get it done on time...since the birthday party is 2 days away...and I still have to make two sleeves and a hood...oh...and I'm sitting here far...I'm pretty happy with it.

I made a few cards over the holiday too! I had too! My sweet sweet husband bought me all that stamping stuff for could I resist :-)
The brown ones are my favs...can ya's the first time I've actually used ANY of my stampin' up patterned paper.
I thought I'd post a few Christmas pictures....these are of our own little Christmas eve night together. It was lots of fun, and the first time we'd spent any holiday time just the two of us....I think it might start a tradition because we both really enjoyed ....the Chargers won!!!H was reaching under the tree to get a gift for me and had to move Pablo the penguin....I think the picture looks like they're dancing hehehehe....this picture and some of the below ones are taken with the new underwater digital camera that H gave me for Christmas! I've been so spoiled...I also got the most comfortable down pillow in the world!
More pics taken with the new camera...we were playing with it in the housing...and apparently didn't take the sticker off of the lens area...there was some black print on it...I think that why the fogginess...what can I say...we were all excited :-)
Harold wrapped up all the stamping stuff he got me in a couple of boxes that he filled with the confetti from our paper shredder....he really outdid himself this inventive....I kept wondering why I hadn't had to empty the shredder in a while...but...didn't clue in...hehehe

Me digging through one of the confetti boxes.
A whole big pile of stamping stuff...and my new dive camera....oh what fun....then it was off to bed....and a wonderful nights sleep on a super duper down pillow....

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