Sunday, January 13, 2008

I NEEEED to be DONE!...sooo What's next?

I really need to be done this sweater. Really, really, I'm now officially tired of it. I think almost every project I do goes through this stage at some point.....probably because everything starts so happily...then life or work gets a little busy, and it gets set aside...for when I come back I always feel like I'm tying up loose ends...does that make sense?

Hmmm, My next project...I really want to just work on one thing. I think I should try that. Having only one thing on the needles for awhile. I always seem to have a bunch of things happening at once, so inevitably at least one of those projects ends up getting dropped in a corner somewhere.

Sooooo, what should my next project be...I'm waiting on some yarn that I ordered to make the cross country hat from knitty. (I've never done colour work before...should I be scared?)

I still need to restart my Lacy little top (from way back in Nov 2005...ouch!)

And when I actually finish the hat...I'll need some mitts to go with it. I've got the pattern for Fiber fish.......but I really don't understand what the corrections to the pattern mean.... what does "w&t." mean?

The other pattern I'm drooling over (remember I've never done colour work before) is
Anemoi Mittens beautiful.....mmmmmmm

Yes...I'm about 3/4 done the second sleeve on the 2 year old baby sweater...still the hood left to do....the seaming....then....and only then....will I be free to knit another.....

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