Sunday, January 20, 2008

Just needs buttons!

I'm so very pleased! I'm finished my niece's birthday present!.....and only 12 days too late! will be even later than that by the time she actually gets it...because it still needs buttons. Overall I'm pretty happy with how it turned out..and even though at the end when I was past deadline I was totally tired of knitting it...that was really just at the end...and just because I can get unduly stressed about crafty deadlines.... I really enjoyed knitting this. The cables were fun, and more interesting that plain knitting, and it actually seemed to go by really quickly because of the constant change in the pattern.A slightly more close up look at the cable pattern....nice basic first cable project....Now...I'm officially free to play with thisI can't's so's from knitpicks....I know some people just hate them....I had a lady yell at me that knitpicks was "ruining the knitting industry" but...really...they sell yarn that I can I buy from them....otherwise I'd be limited largely to acrylic and lets face it...sometimes you want more than acrylic...... now I'm off to try and roll these babies into little hand.....because even knitpicks doesn't have a ballwinder and swift that I can afford hahahaha!

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