Thursday, January 24, 2008

Decision it the right one...*fret, fret*

I change my mind...I ended up knitting half the hat and ripped it out...I polled EVERYONE...and came up equal with the caramel..vs..brown votes..doh! Yep...I'm calling it caramel now...a girl at work called it that...and so now I can stop calling it the yellowy gold colour...phew!
I'm now going with brown...doh!!! it's downright painful.....a coworker held up the caramelly colour to her black sweater and said..."ohhhh you could make another one with this colour and black"...that's what decided it...

and I realized...that now with the help of audiobooks...I knit much faster....mostly because I've been shirking all household duties...(well...the weekly cleaning hasn't been done yet...ugg) and knitting whenever life allows....

There is actually a slight chance (albeit slight) that I might actually finish this hat THIS WINTER!!!! but...I'm not holding my breath :-)

Sooooo, on another knitterly note, we were at small group tonight and Jane said "I have something for you if you want it" hmmmm what could it be???? And she gave me this! 5 skeins of mohair...It's not a brand I know...and I've never knit with mohair...but it feels very nice...very different....I like it.
She said she wanted to give it to someone who would enjoy it....and that she'd had it a long time and knew that it was just sitting made me wonder if there was something that I could knit for her out of it...since she obviously loved the yarn enough to have it...but just really knit anymore.

I'm open to suggestions if anyone has any ideas...the ball band says that it's double knit weight...but cuz of the fuzziness most new yarns I've seen like this end up listed as bulky (or am I confused) ...and there are 170 yds per skein....50g....5 skeins......

The only thing I've run across so far is Wisp but I'd love some more ideas

Thanks for the comments on the hat! I still don't know if I'll be happy's just a hat right??....really...I should just order another skein of the teal...and knit one in each colour...then I'll never have to decide again!!!! Well, if that's the plan...I need to go download another book :-)

Happy knitting!!


Jennifer said...

You must be making great progress on the hat if you are on book 3! BTW Book 4 comes out in fall 08. Now it is your turn to recommend a book or series. We did get homeschooling out of the way last night and I finished mitten 1 and started on mitten 2. Mitten 1 is blocked. These really haven't taken very long. I just haven't really knit much. Shame on me!

Wool Winder said...

If it doesn't feel right, then sometimes you just have to start over. It's not always easy to decide until you get a few inches knitted.